Shukura Mitchell

shukura-mitchellThis soprano was born in Portland, Oregon.

  • Shukura is single with children.
  • Shukura spends leisure time pursuing quality time with her children and family .

Shukura loves singing and worshiping the Lord. She’s a member of the Greater Mt. Gillard Baptist Church, under the leadership of her father, Pastor Carland Allen. Shukura desires for Voices In Praise to be able to bless those who are in need spiritually & physically.

Shukura’s favorite Voices In Praise song is Always.  She is an accomplished Hair Stylist.

Leonard Latin

Leonard LatinThis tenor and instrumentalist was born in Portland, Oregon.

  • Single with children, Leonard Latin is a veteran who has performed with Gospel and R&B.
  • Leonard spends leisure time pursuing spending time with his children and grandchildren. .

Leonard was born in Portland, OR where he still currently resides. Leonard is the Bass Man of VIP. He also lead sings for the Light, plays keyboard, and presently in the studio doing a gospel CD with Abba Dosay. Leonard spends leisure time working out, writing music, gardening and helping others.

Leonard loves the Lord and his desire is for the Lord to continue to allow Voices In Praise to reach those who are lost and entrapped by the enemy, and to let them know that God still loves them.

Leonards favorite Gospel song is Just as I am.  His favorite Voices In Praise song is Let Us Worship Him.  He is an accomplished Executive Director of Marketing at the Portland Observer Newspaper.

Leonard loves spending time with his children and grandchildren

Jethyl Williams


JeffThis tenor and instrumentalist was born in Portland, Oregon.

  • Jethyl is married with children.
  • Jethyl spends leisure time pursuing and enjoying time at home, family and playing music. .

I am a mild mannered, good hearted, lover of simple things kind of guy. I love listening to and playing music. Interested in learning to play the keyboard. I currently play the drums and sing. I come from a family of 7 with 6 siblings.

I have dealt with drug addiction and alcohol trouble; but much better now. I recently married a strong woman of god. I have a grown up son and I work for FedEx Express as Delivery Driver. I am also very faithful to my church.

Fie Wash

fie-washThis tenor and instrumentalist was born in Newton County, Mississippi.

  • Fie has been performing since the age of 8.
  • Fie is married with children.
  • Fie spends leisure time pursuing Sewing and designing clothes, being an artist and a singer.

I love the Lord, which gives me the love for everyone. I love to sew and design clothing. I’m also a handy man in the electrical and carpentry fields.

Fie is also a Deacon at his church home, where he is always happy and never discouraged.

Verla M Gordon

Verla M GordonVerla was born in New Orleans, LA.

  • Verla is single with children.

I am a retired Department of Corrections employee. I have been retired for 2 years.

I am a born again Christian, baptised when I was 7 years old. I love singing and praising God.