Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, welcome to¬†Voices in Praise. The Bible states in Proverbs 4:7 “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding.” In this Light we’d like to let you get to know who we are and why we sing.

Well we sing because we love praising the Lord. Our praise is deeper than the outer surface of singing, it’s a ministry. We truly believe that when God gives you a gift (whatever the gift is) you should use it. So we try to reach out in a loving, and helpful way to assist as many people we can to the Lord. In May 12, 2019 VIP started our own Non-Profit Inc.,in hopes of helping as many as we could. Unfortunately we were not able to access all the avenues and opportunities available to us. Just know that God is still good, so we keep the fight going on 2019. We are a community based ensemble composed of people from all different theological backgrounds and churches in Oregon/Washington area. When we come together under the banner Voices in Praise, our main purpose is to sing the Gospel (Good News) of Christ and his redemptive work on the cross. mission is to minister to the whole individual: MIND, BODY and SOUL to provide an alternative way other than THE WOLDLY. Our #1 goal is the saving of souls through the witnessing of Jesus in song & work! Our purpose is to minister to the whole individual: MIND, BODY and SOUL. We strive to sing all types of gospel music so no matter what COLOR, GENDER or AGE, this ministry will provide something that everyone can relate to. VOICES IN PRAISE is a caring group; we know the ministry must go deeper than the outer surface. We also have various ministries within our ensemble. These ministries include: Thanks to us, you can focus on your core subjects, and entrust us with writing an essay.

  • a clothes closet providing ‘gently used’ garments to the needy.
  • providing monthly food baskets to those in need during these hard times of high un-employment and financial instability.

It’s our destiny to stay focused, strong, and obedient to his will. The Lord will lead us the rest of the way. – Lorraine Graham-Keller